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About the Journal

International Journal of Physical Therapy Research & Practice (IJPRP) is the official journal of the Saudi Physical Therapy Association (SPTA) which is committed at being a dynamic, professional and innovative organisation, to promote research & evidence based practice in Physical Therapy, so that a firm scientific knowledge base is developed, from which more effective Physical Therapy practice may be evolved. IJPRP is designed to promote communication within the international rehabilitation to promote excellence in education and practice. The mission of the SPTA is to identify and share common issues, themes and strategies for the enhancement of standards of professional care.

Aims and Objectives of IJPRP:

  • Promoting Research and Evidence-Based Practice: IJPRP is dedicated to developing a robust scientific knowledge base to enhance the effectiveness of physiotherapy practice.
  • International Collaboration: We aim to facilitate communication within the global physiotherapy community, promoting excellence in education and practice.
  • Enhancing Professional Standards: Our mission includes identifying and sharing common issues and strategies to uplift the standards of professional care in physiotherapy.
  • Rapid Dissemination of Research: We prioritize prompt publication of significant advances and provide a forum for discussing news and issues pertinent to the physiotherapy profession.
  • Global Editorial Representation: Our editorial team boasts representatives from Asia, Europe, and the American continent, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive perspective.

Why Publish with Us?

  • Rapid Review Process: Our commitment is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscripts within four weeks of submission.
  • Timely Publication: Accepted papers are published promptly in the next issue.
  • Open Access: All articles are freely accessible on www.ijprp.com, ensuring your research reaches a wide audience without barriers.
  • Global Reach and Impact: Your work will engage and inform a global community of physiotherapists, researchers, and health professionals, contributing significantly to patient outcomes and professional knowledge.

We are looking for original research that aligns with our mission to lead the debate on health and to assist physiotherapists in making informed decisions. Your contributions will play a crucial role in shaping the future of physiotherapy practice and education.

Join us in our endeavor to advance the field of physiotherapy. Submit your manuscripts to the International Journal of Physiotherapy Research & Practice and be a part of a community dedicated to excellence and innovation in health rehabilitation.